What is My Own Care?

MyOwnCare empowers people with chronic illness to achieve higher levels of health and well-being. We do this with staff and technologies totally focused on you and your needs whether you are a person with a chronic illness or someone who cares for a person with a chronic illness.

Our breakthrough solution is MyOwnPathways™, uniquely integrating three proven programs which are designed to help you:

Reduce medical complications and family disruptions. Avoid hospitalizations and ER visits. Take control of your health and well-being. Learn how.

Increase peace of mind for you, your family and caregivers, even when they are far away. Achieve greater confidence from new skills to manage your own health care needs. Increase well-being and maintain improved results. Learn how.

Save money. Seek less expensive treatment options. Pay less in deductibles and coinsurance. Minimize losing income from missed work. Avoid expensive nursing home care. Learn how.